The Rise of the Titans Cube Draft Set contains 316 cards, 292 of them are unique.

This set introduces the Titanic mechanic. Cards with Titanic double their attack, defense and all numbers except for costs every time they attack. This effect is permanent, and each successive attack will make your Titans exponentially more powerful.

Titanic characters can often win the game by themselves if left unanswered, but they also tend to have very high costs. Keep this in mind when you are drafting Rise of the Titans. You may need lots of mechanisms that will generate mana to play your Titanic characters, or you may want to draft a fast deck and win the game before your opponents have a chance to play their Unstoppable Titans.



The Luecyd's Forge Constructed Set contains 101 unique cards.

Luecyd's Forge introduces a constructed-only mechanic called Reforged. You can play Reforged cards without doing anything special with them. They all have normal abilities, and can be added to your deck, ignoring the Reforged abilities.

You have another option with Reforged cards during deckbuilding as well. You may choose to mark your cards with Reforged by placing a check mark in the checkbox or  by dropping a tiny piece of paper with a check on it into your sleeve. If you Reforge a card, it will double its Point Value and gain a Reforged ability.

Reforged abilities fundamentally change the way a card works. They may increase the card's attack and defense, or give it special abilities.



The Spark of Electrica Booster Draft Set contains 316 cards, 133 of them are unique.

The backbone of this set is a unique and exciting mechanic called Quantum Uncertainty. Cards with Quantum Uncertainty offer players two or more different ways to pay their cost.  For some cards, Quantum Uncertainty gives you a scaling effect  -- if you pay more mana, the card has better abliites. For other Quantum Uncertainty cards, the ablities on the card will not be effected by the cost paid. Instead they will have different costs for different mana types, or they may be playable for only generic mana, but will cost you a few extra.

During a draft, you will have to weigh your ability to pay either of a Quantum Uncertainty card's costs, and figure out how it will fit into your curve at either or both of its cost points. Every player at the table will evaluate the card differently, creating complicated and interesting drafting decisions.



Each mana box contains 40 copies of each mana card - Death, Fire, Life, and Water - for a total of 160 cards.