May 18, 2016, 3:52 p.m.


We’re excited to announce that has added support for Dimension. All of our cards are currently available in their deck builder and you can play for free right now. To make your first few games even easier we’ve provided 4 Deck lists formatted for use in doesn’t have any rules built into the client so you may want to review them here.



1. You need to create an account with

2. Click the decks tab at the top.

3. Select the “New Deck” button and pick “Dimension” from the drop down.

4. From here you can use’s deck builder or import a deck list. To import a deck list click the green menu button at the middle top of the deck builder and select “Paste Deck” then copy and paste your deck list into the field. Then click “Insert Deck.”

5. You need to press the blue drop down menu next to Map of the Void and select “starts in play.” This is the best way to use Oblivion cards. The player that goes first needs to remove their Map of the Void from the game. This is because only the player on the draw receives Map of the Void. 

6. The last step is to change your life total to 21. You do this by clicking on the green menu button and selecting “Advanced” and clicking on “game counter 1” to set our total to 21 life.


7. Now just save your deck and you are ready to play!


We have 4 deck lists all ready to go.



1 Electrica's Desert

23 Fire Resource

4 Goblin Mercenary

4 Criminal Death Squad

4 Goblin Siege Boss

2 Shock Troop

3 Goblin Summoner

2 Clean up Crew

1 Rage Builder

3 Pathfinder Goblin

4 Lodgul, Orc King

4 Goblin Fodder

1 Jolt of Pure Electrica

1 Sunfire

2 Stasis Field

1 Complete the Circuit





2 Electrica's Desert

1 Metallic Sprouts

21 Life Resource

4 Gear Speaker

3 Marbleskull Beast

4 Bross, Waste Prowler

4 Melin, Beast Caller

4 Rageskull Crasher

1 Hungry Sparkeater

1 Hockis, Megamind of Mana

1 Lifeforged Behemoth

1 Electrogenesis Behemoth

1 Ceptius, Soul Eater

1 Carnus, Faceless Butcher

4 Scavenging Grounds

4 Biosynthesis

2 Stasis Field

1 Jolt of Pure Electrica





4 Electrica's Desert

21 Death Resources

4 Corpse Collector

4 Ravenous Ghoul

3 Plague Spreader

2 Nanopoison Drone

4 Death Dealer

2 Dr Zaxu, Necrotic Engineer

1 Corpse Harvester

3 Autocannibalistic Zombie

3 Undead Agitator

4 Break Bodies

1 No Innocents Before the Void

2 Rot Study

1 The Dead World Calls

1 The Void Feeds




1 Map of the Void

22 Water Resource

4 Ultara, Life Drowner

4 Simultasker

4 Fiona, Ambassador to Elfrond

4 Rebma Scout

3 Mindflow Android

3 Slippery Sleuth

3 Merfolk Archeologist

4 Noble of Rebma

2 Jolt of Pure Electrica

4 Titanic Failure

3 Aquila, Sovereign of the Deep