May 15, 2016, 8 p.m.


The Alternate Dimensions are a series of talent searches to find great community members to work on the game. We are looking to fill actual jobs at Dimension. We have great prizes for participants, and winners will have an incredible opportunity to work in the game industry. We have 3 Alternate Dimensions going on during our Kickstarter: Design, Development and Art.  

All three are structured similarly. After the initial submission round ending June 16th for developers, May 31st for artists and June 16th for designers. The Dimension team will narrow contestants down to the top 8 entries. Those 8 contestants will compete in a one month long series of challenges with one person being eliminated each week until there are four. The final four will then complete a month long challenge with bonus challenges narrowing the group to the final two. There will be one huge final challenge at Dimension HQ for the 2 final participants. There is community voting every week, so keep up and support your favorite contestants! You must be 18 years or older to enter.



Are you the kind of person that theorizes what new cards Dimension might release?  Do you tend to day dream about incredible fantasy and sci-fi worlds populated with diverse and exciting characters?  When you play games do you make up your own house rules?  You might have exactly what it takes to be a game designer and we want you.  We’re looking for a talented game designer who will make new mechanics and cards and build their very own world, and eventually see that world come to life in an official Dimension set.  

Download The Game Developer Quiz PDF



Are you better than everyone you know at playing games?  Do you have an immense knowledge of how different Dimension cards interact with each other?  Then you are developer material.  Developers are some of the most knowledgable and skilled TCG players in the entire world.  They know everything about how games work and they use their knowledge to balance the game and make sure that Dimension cards are fun and fair.



Are you a true artistic talent?  Can you bring elves, goblins, robots, and dragons to life?  Do you love conveying a story, and drama with your art?  Then you should definitely enter this contest.  Dimension is looking for skilled sci-fi and fantasy artists who want tens of thousands of players to enjoy their art on our cards.  


Follow the links above to read more about each position and get your entries emailed to, and, as soon as possible! Remember, You must be 18 years or older to enter. Feel free to participate in as many different contests as you would like. Good luck!